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Ballads of the Squire (II)

Ballads of the Squire (II)
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionBallads that have been passed down since the aristocratic period and are said to come from Ragnvindr the Dawn Knight himself. They tell of Ragnvindr's friendship with a sword-dancer.
Item Story
A dancer whose sword was her song set foot in Mondstadt.
Though clad in chains with cuffed hands and fettered feet,
In her silence lay a song:
It was the song of freedom. A song of a brighter dawn beyond the walls,
A joyous ballad sung without reservation by a people unrestrained.

She was the dawnlight of the Wanderer's Troupe,
But she spelled eternal midnight for the Aristocracy.
I once asked her, "Why do you come to overthrow our aristocrats?"
"Do you not know that they are the first among us?"

"Wherefore do you place their lives on a pedestal?"
Came her voice, like a fresh breeze,
"If you claim to know the wind as your companion,"
"Then did you not once know freedom, too?"

To her lonesome listeners she told a tale:
A tale of our rulers' better ancestors who held divine power,
A tale of angels, gods and vile dragons,
A tale of the deities and peoples of all the land.
Each myth and legend she turned to song,
And the wind carried the song to all corners of the land.

In the aristocrats' arena, her sword sang once more:
Her final masterpiece, but it stopped short of perfection.
A nameless knight retrieved her sword from the blood-soaked battlefield,
And buried it where the gentle winds meet in communion.

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