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Ancient Investigation Journal: Part III

Ancient Investigation Journal: Part III
In-game SlangQuest Item
In-game DescriptionAn investigation journal found in the camp on the sunny side of Dragonspine.
Its author seems to have been a member of the aristocracy that once ruled Mondstadt.
Item Story
Could it be that I'm only having these thoughts because of all that has happened during this investigation?
Or perhaps I'm starting to lose my wits due to the blood loss and the sheer cold?
Whatever the answer, one thing I'm fairly certain of is that this will be my last journal entry.

In the end, Eberhart's plan failed... In fact, no. I rather think he succeeded.
In hindsight, his actions are all too clear. I'm surprised none of us saw what he was doing... And now I think about it, I fear that the companions we have been separated from along the way will have already fallen victim to his treachery. The cave-in in front of the secret room with the round door was surely all part of his plan.

Only at the very end when he led Master Ingbert and me into the cellar in the southwestern ruins and took out his polearm did I finally understand.
His talk of a "lost civilization buried beneath the snow" and "a power descended from the heavens" were just a means to an end. He knew Ingbert loved the idea of exploration and adventure and used this to lure him to a deserted place where no-one would be able to help him...
When all is said and done, this all comes down to him being an illegitimate child.
The polearm is an inelegant weapon, unbecoming of an aristocrat. I wonder if he secretly trained to use it for the sole purpose of killing his master here, clearing one more obstacle from his path towards dominion over the clan.

Now I think about it, Master Parsifal's disobedience, love of chivalric play-acting, and eventual departure must surely have been encouraged by him behind the scenes...

The image of Ingbert being struck by his polearm is one I shall never be able to get out of my head.
We all grew up together. But none of us saw beyond the kind and gentle facade to the monster he was inside.
Landrich was already planning to bestow the clan name upon him after returning from the investigation anyway. Maybe if he'd known of his plans, things never would have turned out this way...
Or perhaps he did already know of his plans, and that was precisely what prompted him to take this opportunity to move himself one step closer towards the front in the line of succession...

I am sorry, Priscilla, for I will not make it back to Mondstadt.

Whoever reads this, please warn Landrich.
Eberhart is badly injured too, but there is still a chance he will make it back to Mondstadt.
And if that happens... There will only be one more obstacle left for him on his road to revolt.

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