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Adventurer Handbook – Chapter 9

Adventurer Handbook - Chapter 9
TypeAdventurer Handbook
Number of tasks11
Prev RoundAdventurer Handbook - Chapter 8
Next Round
Completion Rewards
Hero's Wit x 6
Mora x 50000
Primogem x 150
Clear Memories: Storming Terror III in Single-Player Mode
Unlock 18 Shrines of Depths
Clear Spiral Abyss 6-3
Ascend 3 characters to Phase 5
Level up a character to Lv. 80
Equip 2 characters with 4-piece sets of 5-star artifacts
x 50000
Enhance 8 5-star artifacts to Lv. 20
Ascend 3 weapons to Phase 5
Enhance a weapon to Lv. 80
Spend 500 Anemo Sigils
x 50000
Spend 500 Geo Sigils
x 50000

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