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Midsummer Courtyard
With the fall of the ancient lost civilization, the once prosperous and magnificent Sommernachtgarten was also buried underground, leaving only its ancient trees and stones to remember its past glory.
Valley of Remembrance
After a period of time, the people of the continent lost track of the past. They attempt to explore downwards, searching for the things that they had forgotten. On the other side of the ancient tree's hollow, the secrets of yesterday have become today's treasures.
Domain of Guyun
Delusions and disappointments of an ancient ambition to lead humanity are gathered here. Its refuses to give up on its lofty ambitions, though it is for now consigned to fester in the cavernous depths of Guyun.
Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula
There is a secret ritual that can conceal one gate out of eight, cutting off the route for evil to escape. This ritual was performed here long ago, sealing demons within this labyrinth. Rumor has it that the Method to fit Pillars with Zhou Formula presently seals an evil Chi.
Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern
Mt. Aocang is a place of secret wonders. What at first merely seems like beautiful scenery in fact conceals a stone cave that connects to the heavens and breathes out clouds. Nonetheless, this is not how the saying "where the clouds emerge" was derived.
Peak of Vindagnyr
This city entombed in snow once had a proud, romantic name to call its own, just as the mountain itself was once lush and verdant in the ancient past. But after the nail that froze the skies over descended upon this mountain, the festive site where priests ascended to face the heavens can no longer hear its voice, nor will those priests ever return again.
Ridge Watch
Standing proudly over the start of the ridge, these ancient city ruins overlook both north and south, both mountain and river, like a boundary marker. Legend has it that its gates and blessings are only open to those whose hearts are lit with an eternal blaze.
Momiji-Dyed Court
This court is ever a silent scene of falling red leaves. Perhaps lost causes and unforgettable loves may follow the veins of the earth and coalesce into the fruits of the court's white tree.
Weapon Ascension Materials
Cecilia Garden
The Cecilia flowers that only grow on high cliffs once bloomed in the greenhouses here. The ancient civilization that once enjoyed the scent of the Cecilia was lost, and so too was the sea of white flowers.
Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula
The operation of the Lianshan Formula created endless thunderstorms within the bowels of the mountain. It is said that the rumbling sounds of thunder that one hears outside the domain's gates call out to curious souls.
Court of Flowing Sand
They say that in antediluvian times now lost to history, there was once a foolish ruler who dreamed of building a high garden in honor of the white sacred tree over the primordial sands. Now, dead silence fills the kingdom built on sand, but the obsessions of the past remain.
Talent Level-Up Material
Forsaken Rift
It is said that in ancient times, people would venture into the valley to seek out the ancient tree on the altar. They would whisper their secrets into the tree hollow, relieving themselves of the burden of keeping the secrets to themselves. The Forsaken Rift is filled with such long-forgotten secrets.
Taishan Mansion
Once, people who sought the path of the adepti had to pass the trials of heaven and earth. Taishan Mansion served as the trial of "earth." Now that the adepti have long departed from this realm, Taishan Mansion has also turned into a common treasure trove.
Violet Court
Sometime in the ancient past, the mountains rose higher than the skies, and the earth was larger than heaven's dome. But one day, the mirror shattered, and the oceans arose. In these legends, this caused the court of the primeval sakura to become sundered from the other islands.
Trounce Domains
Confront Stormterror
The towering but broken spire tells of its tragic story silently. Its chambers and halls are filled with memories and longing, as well as howling winds.
Enter the Golden House
The storm clouds gathering over Liyue have finally parted, and the schemes that once gripped this land have been shattered by the combined efforts of the Qixing, the adepti, and yourself.
Still, the memories of your duel with Childe of the Fatui in the depths of the Golden House remain fresh in your mind.
Relive this duel, and you may yet learn something new...
Beneath the Dragon-Queller
Across the long years, this bed of rock, carved into the very heart of the world, has imprisoned Azhdaha like a coffin.
Narukami Island: Tenshukaku
This is the dwelling of the Raiden Shogun, who rules over Inazuma.
It is also the perfect place for a "duel before the throne."
Story & Event Dungeons
Temple of the Falcon
This ruin used to be a temple devoted to the benevolent Falcon of the West. The Temple of the Falcon has watched over Windrise for thousands of years. Perhaps the winds of the past still linger within its halls.
Temple of the Wolf
This was once a temple devoted to the Wolf of the North. Now, the priests are gone, and the temple has been seized by monsters. However, they say that the spirit of the Wolf still watches over the endless fields of Mondstadt from someplace else.
Temple of the Lion
This used to be a temple devoted to the Lion of the South, but it has long been abandoned. Folklore tells that the dandelions commonly seen riding on the winds across Mondstadt symbolize the blessings of the Lion of the South.
Eagle's Gate
Both the prideful eagles and noble souls favor transcendent heights apart from the secular world. In days past, those who despised mortal squabbles as the eagles do could find peace of mind in this place.
Domain of Forsaken Ruins
Many of those who come here now do so solely to search for nearby treasure. Just as crowds naturally leave a theater after the curtain falls, this once thriving colony has now been reduced to all but empty remains.
Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula
Though it may seem like a clear pond, the amount of treasures hidden below is enough to drive a person mad. Unfortunately, few who can decipher its secrets remain.
Domain of the Wayward Path
Although Treasure Hoarders have long heard of treasures hidden here, they have yet to discover its location. In this world, the more one clings to delusions, the more quickly they slip through one's fingers. Only when the heart's desires are finally cast aside can the narrow path to peace be found.
Legend of the Vagabond Sword
Pure Elemental Hypostases lie dormant within the depths of the world. Draw your blade, and join the sound of ringing steel to the chorus of wind, thunder, and earth.
Peculiar Wonderland
The entrance to the Peculiar Wonderland only opens at specific times, and they who enter shall face three random challenges in which they will stand the test of powerful opponents.
The origin of this Domain can no longer be known, but no matter whence it comes, its peculiar pleasures are praised by all.
Where Shadows Writhe
In this Domain, the agitation of the Irminsul Fruit's energies has resulted in a Plasma Field that constantly encroaches upon the challenge area. Those who walk within the Plasma Field shall be subject to the assault of lightning.
Frost-Worn Space
A Frostarm Lawachurl and the creatures under its command dwell within this Domain. These sniveling supplicants, the Attendants, will likely do everything in their power to defend their lord.
Vishap's Rest
A group of vishaps that have consumed an Irminsul Fruit fragment have dominion over this Domain. When defeated, the digested fragments will manifest themselves as volatile High-Energy Crystal Cores...
Twisted Realm
The power of the Irminsul Fruit Fragments have twisted this Domain, creating bizarre traps and constantly attracting powerful enemies to dwell within. If you wish to plumb its depths, you too must possess the power of the Irminsul Fruit...
Spiral Abyss
Spiral Abyss
Rumor has it that people who've ascended to Celestia have also witnessed the same helix-shaped divine ladder that can be seen within Visions. Venturing out into the universe and down into the abyss are the same in that both are braving the dark unknown.
Quest Domains
Lost Arcadia
The First Battle of Mondstadt and Stormterror
Karma-Heavy Cavern
This place attracts monsters corrupted by sinister energy. According to Xiao, their mutation might be connected to his karmic debt...
Enter the Golden House
Your pursuit of the truth brings you to the very heart of the political storm that has been slowly brewing in Liyue Harbor.
It is time to peer beyond the glittering gold, and see what lurks in the shadows...
Visit the adeptus' abode
Herein lies the abode of Cloud Retainer. The adeptus desires not to see guests, and the way is shut. A lack of care for where one lays their head is common among all who live. Do you truly wish to enter?
Enter the Institute for Toy Research
Though it was agreed to let Teucer visit the "Institute for Toy Research"...
The toughest battles are not fought against a redoubtable foe but in defense of a child's innocence.
Visit the adeptus' abode
Herein lies the abode of Cloud Retainer. The adeptus desires not to see guests, and the way is shut. A lack of care for where one lays their head is common among all who live. Do you truly wish to enter?
Another Detour
Despite consulting her notebook, Qiqi dashes into the ruins for reasons unknown.
You've heard that it's dangerous in there. Catch up to her and ensure her safety.
Of Mysteries and Salt
The seal has been broken, and both the treasures and the tale of the God of Salt await within.
The party pushes on, each armed with disparate aims...
Enter the "border"
After sufficient preparation, you follow Hu Tao into the mysterious "border."
Remember her warning and don't make a fuss about anything that waits ahead.
Explore "Call of the Abyss"
The ominous temptations of the Abyss lure the brave and the foolish alike.
No matter the fate that has brought you hither, know that a new thread of fate is already being woven.
Explore "Call of the Abyss"
The ominous temptations of the Abyss lure the brave and the foolish alike.
No matter the fate that has brought you hither, know that a new thread of fate is already being woven.
Of Mysteries and Salt
If you can make good use of the hole in the middle of this stage, you may be able to deal with the incoming monsters more effectively...
Behind Enemy Lines
After winning Schubert's trust, he has decided to take to you to see his "friends from a distant land."
The Fatui may be skulking within, so make sure to be fully prepared before stepping forward to investigate.
Beneath the Dragon-Queller
Underneath the ancient tree of Nantianmen is a mysterious path that none know of. The mysteries of yore lie buried at the end of that road...