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Artifact Set #36

Gedenken an Shimenawa
TypeArtifact Set
Alternative NameGedenken an Shimenawa
2 Piece BonusErhöht den ANG um 18 %.
4 Piece BonusVerringert bei Anwendung einer Elementarfähigkeit die Elementarenergie um 15 Punkte, wenn die Figur mindestens 15 Punkte Elementarenergie besitzt. Erhöht daraufhin den mit Standardangriffen, heftigen Schlägen und Angriffen aus dem Fall verursachten Schaden 10 s lang um 50 %. Dieser Effekt wird während der Wirkungsdauer nicht erneut ausgelöst.
Set Pieces
Umschlingende Blume (Flower of Life)
Pfeil des Andenkens (Plume of Death)
Augenblick des Morgentaus (Sands of Eon)
Herz voller Hoffnung (Goblet of Eonothem)
Wechselhafte Maske (Circlet of Logos)
Drops In
Main Stat Availability
LPANGLP%VTD%ANG%AufladeratePhysischer SCH-BonusSCH-Bonus (Element)ElementarkundeKTKSCHHeilungsbonus
Umschlingende Blume
Pfeil des Andenkens
Augenblick des Morgentaus
Herz voller Hoffnung
Wechselhafte Maske
Possible Main Stat Roll
LPANGLPVTDANGElementarkundeAufladeratePhysischer SCH-BonusSCH-Bonus (Element)KTKSCHHeilungsbonus
Lv 0645426.3%7.9%6.3%257%7.9%6.3%4.2%8.4%4.8%
Lv 1828548.1%10.1%8.1%329%10.1%8.1%5.4%10.8%6.2%
Lv 21011669.9%12.3%9.9%3911%12.3%9.9%6.6%13.1%7.6%
Lv 311947811.6%14.6%11.6%4712.9%14.6%11.6%7.8%15.5%9%
Lv 413779013.4%16.8%13.4%5414.9%16.8%13.4%9%17.9%10.3%
Lv 5155910215.2%19%15.2%6116.9%19%15.2%10.1%20.3%11.7%
Lv 6174211317%21.2%17%6818.9%21.2%17%11.3%22.7%13.1%
Lv 7192512518.8%23.5%18.8%7520.9%23.5%18.8%12.5%25%14.4%
Lv 8210813720.6%25.7%20.6%8222.8%25.7%20.6%13.7%27.4%15.8%
Lv 9229114922.3%27.9%22.3%8924.8%27.9%22.3%14.9%29.8%17.2%
Lv 10247416124.1%30.2%24.1%9726.8%30.2%24.1%16.1%32.2%18.6%
Lv 11265717325.9%32.4%25.9%10428.8%32.4%25.9%17.3%34.5%19.9%
Lv 12283918527.7%34.6%27.7%11130.8%34.6%27.7%18.5%36.9%21.3%
Lv 13302219729.5%36.8%29.5%11832.8%36.8%29.5%19.7%39.3%22.7%
Lv 14320520931.3%39.1%31.3%12534.7%39.1%31.3%20.8%41.7%24%
Lv 15338822133%41.3%33%13236.7%41.3%33%22%44.1%25.4%
Lv 16357123234.8%43.5%34.8%13938.7%43.5%34.8%23.2%46.4%26.8%
Possible Substat Roll
Sub Stat rolls are additive. May include 0.1% error due to rounding issues.
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Possible Main Stat Roll
LPANGLPVTDANGElementarkundeAufladeratePhysischer SCH-BonusSCH-Bonus (Element)KTKSCHHeilungsbonus
Lv 0717477%8.7%7%287.8%8.7%7%4.7%9.3%5.4%
Lv 1920609%11.2%9%3610%11.2%9%6%12%6.9%
Lv 211237311%13.7%11%4412.2%13.7%11%7.3%14.6%8.4%
Lv 313268612.9%16.2%12.9%5214.4%16.2%12.9%8.6%17.3%10%
Lv 4153010014.9%18.6%14.9%6016.6%18.6%14.9%9.9%19.9%11.5%
Lv 5173311316.9%21.1%16.9%6818.8%21.1%16.9%11.3%22.5%13%
Lv 6193612618.9%23.6%18.9%7621%23.6%18.9%12.6%25.2%14.5%
Lv 7213913920.9%26.1%20.9%8423.2%26.1%20.9%13.9%27.8%16.1%
Lv 8234215222.8%28.6%22.8%9125.4%28.6%22.8%15.2%30.5%17.6%
Lv 9254516624.8%31%24.8%9927.6%31%24.8%16.6%33.1%19.1%
Lv 10274917926.8%33.5%26.8%10729.8%33.5%26.8%17.9%35.7%20.6%
Lv 11295219228.8%36%28.8%11532%36%28.8%19.2%38.4%22.1%
Lv 12315520530.8%38.5%30.8%12334.2%38.5%30.8%20.5%41%23.7%
Lv 13335821932.8%40.9%32.8%13136.4%40.9%32.8%21.8%43.7%25.2%
Lv 14356123234.7%43.4%34.7%13938.6%43.4%34.7%23.2%46.3%26.7%
Lv 15376424536.7%45.9%36.7%14740.8%45.9%36.7%24.5%49%28.2%
Lv 16396725838.7%48.4%38.7%15543%48.4%38.7%25.8%51.6%29.8%
Lv 17417127240.7%50.8%40.7%16345.2%50.8%40.7%27.1%54.2%31.3%
Lv 18437428542.7%53.3%42.7%17147.4%53.3%42.7%28.4%56.9%32.8%
Lv 19457729844.6%55.8%44.6%17949.6%55.8%44.6%29.8%59.5%34.3%
Lv 20478031146.6%58.3%46.6%18751.8%58.3%46.6%31.1%62.2%35.9%
Possible Substat Roll
Sub Stat rolls are additive. May include 0.1% error due to rounding issues.
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4


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    • ABCDMothaFuka on 16 December 2021 at 6:49 pm
    • Reply

    Is this better than Wanderer’s troupe for Ganyu or no? Currently I use melt ganyu with 4pc wanderer’s troupe, I mean ganyu’s burst isn’t really good for my team since it will cancel the melting effect of my charged attack, plus the burst doesn’t do that much damage compared to just shooting like 2 charged attacks. So…?

    • akazaki on 27 November 2021 at 3:45 pm
    • Reply

    why is this set under the elemental atk bonus category?

    • Average male NPC number #8043 on 8 November 2021 at 3:41 am
    • Reply

    Is this set good for keqing?
    should i use :

    4 set Shimenawa
    2 set Shimenawa 2 set Gladiator

    i’m just getting bored using my main party and High AR problem on top of that.
    So… i’m just gonna handicap myself like choosing my old main until the next update or something that interest me.

    • Torteglia on 14 October 2021 at 3:28 pm
    • Reply

    Actually good for Tartelinni but limits the *optimum* playstyle to [Ranged Burst -> Melee Stance] only. The 50% dmg increase in normal and charged attacks is bonkers.

    • Tomás on 20 September 2021 at 12:41 am
    • Reply

    everyone talks about Yae miko and she has not gone out and nobody talks that the thirst is from Yoimilla

    • Kazuha touched a loli on 16 September 2021 at 9:07 pm
    • Reply

    LMAO dude been trying this set on my ganyu because I got some cracked out pieces like 70/210 ratio with 2300atk, but not sure yet if I should just drop wanderer’s, maybe this set is the best for youtube click bait show cases, but I actually like it for her.

    • !? on 10 August 2021 at 7:09 pm
    • Reply

    i’m not sure if this has been answered yet but would 4 pc of this set be good for dps ganyu ?

      • Haru on 15 September 2021 at 4:38 pm
      • Reply


    • SausageSoNice on 8 August 2021 at 5:27 pm
    • Reply

    Just look at this artifact set effect bonus, I guess Yae Miko is Physical DPS Catalyst.

      • t on 9 August 2021 at 3:40 am
      • Reply

      impossible, I think maybe charge attack DPS just like other catalyst dps character

    • nyantui on 4 August 2021 at 7:43 am
    • Reply

    Guys! this Artifact set is for Yae Miko.

    • what on 1 August 2021 at 10:12 pm
    • Reply

    i was thinking of putting this set on yoimiya with an r5 hamayumi (new craftable bow), but now im not too sure because of the energy cost of the set and energy boost of the bow. would she benefit better from a 2pc shimenawa/glad and 2pc crimson witch with the r5 bow? or should i use this set and give her my r2 rust?

      • Luneward on 4 August 2021 at 9:51 pm
      • Reply

      Rust would probably be a better investment if you want the 4pc effect. In spite of the unique effect, Yoimiya’s charge attacks aren’t particularly powerful, so you would be spending far more time just using her AA during her E skill window.

    • ehow on 30 July 2021 at 7:10 am
    • Reply

    why is not a single person talking about klee

      • some on 30 July 2021 at 5:27 pm
      • Reply

      Also Raiden if her sword stance doesn’t benefit from the other set, since she generates a lot of energy

      • Dont u feel... silly ? on 8 August 2021 at 10:22 pm
      • Reply

      That’s what I thought at first but, thinking about it, it goes against what you want for her :
      – You’ll have to wait for the particles to get back to you before using your Q, so it will lengthen your rotations which you don’t really want to do since klee is a hyper carry and is already on field most of the time
      – The effect doesn’t actually multiply her damage by 1.5, her A4 talent actually has the same effect, so your overall CA damage should increase by 33% and even lower if you’re using dodoco tales, her best 4* weapon atm
      – It only boosts your CA damage when her whole kit inflicts a lot (bonus points if you have kazuha to clump up her E mines), and you have to use her whole kit if you want her A2 sparkle, when every other set bonus that is recommended for her affects her whole kit

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